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Hispaniola Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team (HHART)

HHART stands for Hispaniola Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team. HHART missions are supported, organized and led by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach, Rotary District 7010 (central Canada).The Team's primary mission is to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged people (primarily of Haitian heritage) living near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic by providing much needed medical, dental and other forms of humanitarian assistance.

Contact Us

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Upcoming Missions

HHART 24 (Nov 2023) Dental Only! HHART 24A: Arrive in Puerto Plata on November 11; Depart for Toronto on either November 18 or 20. HHART 24B: Arrive in Puerto Plata on either November 18 or...
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About Rotary

Rotary International promotes Peace through Service. Visit www.Rotary.org to learn more about Rotary.   HHART is inspired and lead by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach  and Rotary District 7010.
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Please support HHART service missions and projects with a cash donation. Proceeds go directly towards HHART operations.

$25 allows us to upgrade a potable water terminus to prevent disease and infection.
$50 allows us to reduce the likelihood of electrical shocks or fire in three homes (shacks, really) by upgrading the make-shift electrical wiring currently in place.
$75 allows us to replace leaking roofing panels in a poor family’s home or install solar lights to counter power outages (which are commonplace).
$100 allows for a full lab work-up, x-rays or ultrasound, and a consultation with a medical specialist for people with advanced illnesses, or provides reading glasses for 20 people.
$150 buys a dozen books for the literacy program, purchases a new bed for a family in need or provides a toothless elder their first set of dentures along with newfound confidence and improved oral health.

Donations via PayPal are collected by the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach on behalf of all HHART missions.  Thank you very much to those who donate for helping improve the lives of those less fortunate. We appreciate your generosity and your support of HHART!

Past and Planned Activities

A few of our past and planned activities.

Electrical Upgrades

Here is an example of what the electrical wiring looked like before and after our upgrade. Before: Before Upgrade Before Upgrade After HHART Upgrade
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Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach builds health and wellness centre

Did you know that the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach not only raises funds for local community groups, but also for international humanitarian projects? Please...
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HHART 2020 Advance team Arrives in DR!

HHART 2020 Advance Team The HHART 2020 advance team arrived in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday January 15th to make preparations for the Team's 14th...
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Many Hands make Light Work!

One of the best parts of being on a HHART Mission is we work with locals and each other!   We work very hard, but we...
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Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries are miniature community Libraries where residents are encouraged to borrow a book or even donate a book.   This one was setup in...
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