Please support HHART service missions and projects with a cash donation. Proceeds go directly towards HHART operations.

$25 allows us to upgrade a potable water terminus to prevent disease and infection.
$50 allows us to reduce the likelihood of electrical shocks or fire in three homes (shacks, really) by upgrading the make-shift electrical wiring currently in place.
$75 allows us to replace leaking roofing panels in a poor family’s home or install solar lights to counter power outages (which are commonplace).
$100 allows for a full lab work-up, x-rays or ultrasound, and a consultation with a medical specialist for people with advanced illnesses, or provides reading glasses for 20 people.
$150 buys a dozen books for the literacy program, purchases a new bed for a family in need or provides a toothless elder their first set of dentures along with newfound confidence and improved oral health.

Donations via PayPal are collected by the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach on behalf of all HHART missions.  Thank you very much to those who donate for helping improve the lives of those less fortunate. We appreciate your generosity and your support of HHART!